Jeremy Roux

product strategy,
design leadership.

Hi! I'm Jeremy, an award-winning design director, currently leading the experience design team at trivago. I'm passionate about shaping user-driven products through design.

Open for full-time opportunities and projects

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Recent projects

I build world-class products, memorable designs and experiences that are used by millions of users everyday. 
Here’s my receipe:


UX Strategy & Research

Good design is rarely based on assumptions, while research forms a strong foundation. Before making decisions, I make sense of user behaviours, needs, and motivations to define key objectives, creating a strategy at the crossroad of business goals and audience’s expectations.


Information architecture & User flows

Organizing the content in a logic and intuitive way stays paramount to ensure the best user experience possible. Flow charts define the user flow of your app and the overall location of items, features, and content, while ensuring a consistency with the chosen strategy.



As the next logical step, placing key elements and features of each page in a very basic way helps focus on the function, while temporarily ignoring the form. Being the skeleton of the app, this structure will be used as a foundation of future prototypes and designs.


Prototyping & user-testing

An important step in designing any product is making sure it feels right. With interactive prototypes, specific actions can be tested to make sure they behave as a user would expect. Testing gives a glimpse at how actual users would interact with the design, a key step to make sure the final product works in the real world. Iterations and refinement are the keys!


User Interface Design

Far more than a pretty skin, a creative direction is chosen to reflect a brand - the styles, colors, and general feel and tone of the product. But static layouts are only part of the story – an app lives and so does its UI. Micro-interactions, feedback, motion, and animation will describe what happens between interface states, and how they react to user interactions.


Front-end web development

Giving life to a design and translating it into code is a crucial component of any project. Prior knowledge of programming languages helps maintain the integrity and functionality of the design, while final tweaks can be done before shipping it off to real users. There, it will bring valuable information to refine and evolve into future versions.

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